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Marine Services

Transporting and Leasing Marine Equipment

Marine Services

We provide a complete array of marine-related services to public and private sector clients along the East Coast, offering a highly skilled and diversified workforce and the newest nautical technologies and equipment for shoreline and transportation services.

Our capabilities list includes a 360-foot deepwater bulkhead, 270-foot deepwater pier, 220-foot deepwater mooring, camels, and 440/480, 200-amp shorepower services. As a result of our commitment to upgrading our inventory as technology advances, we offer dependable equipment for sale. We are also able to lease equipment on short or long term contracts. Based on your unique requirements, our skilled operators and maintenance support staff are available to assist your project.

If interested, please contact our marine and tug boat services department at 860-445-7401 or email us.

Barge Leasing

We offer leasing on safe and dependable barges of varying size and capacity to meet your specific marine transportation needs. Our flat-bottomed barges are perfect for river and canal transport of heavy goods and can be towed by tugs or pushed by towboats. Use our barges to transport low-value bulk items, as a cost-effective means of hauling goods.
Barge Leasing

Our Barges:

Albie (135' x 45' x 9')

Bullhead (125' x 40' x 6.5')

Barge No. 114-7 (110' x 40' x 8')

Barge No. 137 (110' x 37' x 8')

Barge No. 134 (110' x 34' x 10')

Desert Storm (110' x 30' x 8')

Dump Scow 1 (100' x 28' x 7')

Barge No. 76 (92' x 30' x 9')

Barge No. 13 (90' x 30' x 9')

Barge No. 367 (85' x 30' x 9')

Barge No. 25 (80' x 30' x 9')

Barge No. 45 (40' x 30' x 6')

Marine Construction Services Check out our comprehensive, multi-faceted design and build solutions for waterfront projects.
Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us today for more information or to receive an initial quote:

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(860) 621-1451
Marine & Tugboat Services (Groton, CT)
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